Essential page elements

Build your page with these essential elements. All page types must include headings and you'll need to use sections and blocks to build out the content on your page. Landing pages must have the Hero heading and navigational elements added, all other page templates must have a Block / WYSIWYG or Content block added.

Sections and blocks

To build your landing page you need to add a section to your page that will allow you to add various content blocks and other page elements.

Block / WYSIWYG editor

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows CMS editors to create and edit content in a visual way. The content appears in the WYSIWYG as it will appear on the published page.  


Headings are essential to good page structure and help the audience scan the content to find what they need.

Hero banner

The Hero banner is used to introduce a page by creating a focal point for the page title and summary.


Links (or hyperlinks) point the audience to another location. Links may go to other internal pages, external websites or to media files.

Line separator

A line separator is a grey line that is used to separate different sections of content or to create visual distinction between different elements on a page.


Side navigation and in page navigation are two different ways to help users move through the website. Understand when to use each and how to add the component. 

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