Office of the Property Services Commissioner

Learn about the work we are doing to deliver public confidence and produce valuable consumer experiences in the property sector.

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What we do

We are working closely with the NSW Department of Customer Service (including NSW Fair Trading) to drive customer-centric reforms under the leadership of John Minns, NSW Property Services Commissioner.

The Office of the Property Services Commissioner Strategy is based on three key features of a high-functioning property services sector.


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Empowered - creating a framework for high-level collaboration, embracing all key stakeholders; Government, industry and consumers. 


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Accountable - delivering a best-practice professional and regulatory model to support the industry through a period of positive transformation and delivering great customer outcomes .  


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Trusted - ensuring a strong and transparent property sector that is proactively servicing the needs of property service professionals, with the highest compliance and performance standards for the benefit of consumers.   

Our projects

Through five strategic projects, we will deliver our vision of an empowered, accountable and trusted industry.


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Transform and future proof the strata sector.   


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Driving great consumer outcomes through stakeholder engagement and collaboration.


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Build connected and synergised Government service delivery.  


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Empower high professional standards through fit for purpose education and licensing. 


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Engage with emerging digital and industry transformation to champion positive consumer experiences and protection.   

Our work

Advocacy and engagement

Lead industry and consumer advocacy and engagement, including making recommendations to the Minister or Secretary on regulatory settings.

Raising standards

Raise industry standards and professional development, including promoting appropriate standards of conduct and competency for agents and the wider industry.

Driving improvements

Drive improvements in Fair Trading’s exercise of its regulatory powers, including reviewing complaint handling and compliance action.


Research merging market trends, potentially harmful business practices and other matters impacting the property services sector and its consumers.

Delivering change

Develop and deliver reforms for the property services sector.

NSW Property Services Commissioner

“The Office of the Property Services Commissioner is designed to address emerging risks while promoting confidence and economic certainty for industry and consumers.”   John Minns , NSW Property Services Commissioner   

John Minns was appointed as the state’s first Property Services Commissioner in December 2021.  

He has more than 25 years’ experience in the real estate industry, most recently as managing director of Canberra-based Independent Property Group. 

He was previously the Director of Academy of Real Estate Services.  

With a proven track record of industry leadership and transformation, John is dedicated to finding new ways to modernise property services regulation and getting the best outcomes for the real estate industry and its consumers. 

As Property Services Commissioner, John brings his skills in property industry leadership to deliver new opportunities and performance benchmarks for consumers and the industry. Innovation, technology, collaboration and education are essential in achieving these objectives. 

The Property Services Commissioner reports to the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service and the Minister for Fair Trading. 

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Related initiatives

Property Services Expert Panel

The Property Services Expert Panel brings together representatives from across the sector. The Property Services Commissioner, John Minns, is a member of the Panel and works closely with it to strengthen its advice to Government. 

Contact the Property Services Commissioner

Ask a general question, raise a concern or provide feedback in relation to the NSW property sector.

Make a property complaint

NSW Fair Trading manages complaints about property and real estate misconduct. 

We cannot respond directly to complaints about the sector. 

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