1 million trees for a greener NSW

The Free Trees Initiative is helping to improve air quality, shade and greener neighbourhoods.



For the third year running, customers living in Greater Sydney have embraced the simplest way to improve local air quality, shade and make their neighbourhood greener – by planting a free tree.

The Free Trees Initiative was introduced in 2019 as part of the Greening our city Premier's Priority to help increase the tree canopy to 40% across Greater Sydney and in particular, green cover across Western Sydney local government areas. Initially the scheme struggled to gain traction due to a lack of awareness and complicated application and pick-up process.

Improvements led to increased take-up

Following an audit, behavioural insights were applied to simplify eligibility, expand marketing and create an easier pick-up process which elevated the success of the program. By removing the ‘sludge’ (those frictions that make it harder for customers to get things done), the customer application process became 70% quicker (in the period measured up to September 2020). This time reduction is equivalent to a saving of $213 per customer in equivalent earnings for the time spent redeeming a free tree. This also means more trees planted faster.

Register your tree

More customers will now benefit from the streamlined process as the free giveaway continues in partnership with Bunnings and IndigiGrow through 2022. To keep track of the trees planted, the NSW Government is asking recipients to register their tree.

Estimated 1 million trees will be planted by the end of 2022

  • As at September 2021, the number of trees planted has increased by over 80% over the previous 12 months.
  • 788,044 trees have been planted in the ground as at June 2022.

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