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Our aim is to consistently embed the NSW Government Identity Priorities in all identity-related products and services developed and implemented in NSW to: 

  • provide better privacy and security of personal information
  • provide excellent customer service securely
  • reduce identity crime and provide better support for victims
  • provide equal access to government services for all NSW customers
  • support the digital transformation of NSW Government service delivery.

The NSW Government is committed to the coordinated, holistic management of identity in NSW.


Overview of the strategy

The NSW Government recognises the importance of how identity is used and protected within the community.

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Understanding identity – key terms

You are the ‘owner’ of your identity. Organisations have different relationships with your identity.

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Identity and crime

Identity crime and misuse of identity information affects millions of Australians each year.


Doing better for business

Identity is not just a concern for individuals, it is also a critical part of running a business.

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Closing the digital divide

Digital and traditional identity credentials work differently but both allow you to access services.

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NSW identity priorities

The NSW identity priorities provide government with a consistent framework for all identity products and services to ensure the best outcomes for the people of NSW.


Identity enablers

The identity enablers form a toolkit that can be used by government to ensure the identity priorities are meaningfully embedded into identity products and services.


Current initiatives

The NSW Government currently operates or is implementing a variety of identity-related initiatives.


Focus initiatives

The NSW Government will continue to further the aims of this strategy by undertaking various actions.

More information

Download the NSW Government Identity Strategy (PDF, 469.35 KB)

Should you wish to speak to someone about the NSW Identity Strategy,  contact us via email 

Key partners and resources

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