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Disposing of expired marine flares

The expired flares collection program provides the boating community with an opportunity to safely dispose of their out of date flares.

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The mobile collection program runs during the peak boating season, between October and April, at sites across the state from Tweed Heads to Eden.

What to do with expired flares

Most flares have a use-by date of 3 years and they must be replaced before the expiry date. Flares contain explosive matter which makes safe and legal disposal difficult.

Flare collection is no longer available at service centres or maritime sites.

Setting off marine flares

Flares signal that you are in trouble and provide an exact location for searching aircraft or vessels.. It is an offence to set off flares except in an emergency.

More information about flares.

Expired marine flares collection

Details of the next program will be publicly advertised through a number of channels - such as on this page, NSW Maritime Facebook, local newspapers and radio.

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