Digital birth certificate

We have created a way for you to prove your identity anytime, anywhere, with a digital version of your birth certificate.

Find out how it works and how it is secured to protect your privacy.

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Going digital

Spending time trying to find where you put your paper birth certificate will soon be a thing of the past.

If you prefer the convenience of keeping your identity documents with you, a digital birth certificate stored on your smartphone is perfect for you.

Providing choice in how you prove your identity, the digital version is optional and paper-based certificates will remain.

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The digital birth certificate is a safe and secure way to prove your legal identity. Helping you to do things like open a bank account, prove your age, or enrol in sport or study.



The digital birth certificate is safe and secure. Housed in a standalone app on your smartphone, your certificate is protected by the security on your device.



Your digital birth certificate is accessible at any time so that you can use it whenever you like.



The app on your smartphone links back to real-time verified data.

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Privacy and security

You can be confident that your data is protected and secure.

The digital birth certificate is built on a secure digital platform and is stored on your mobile device in the Digital Birth Certificate app. 

Leading a national approach

NSW is developing the digital birth certificate on behalf of all Australian States and Territories.

NSW-born citizens will be the first to be able to access their digital birth certificate with a launch in 2024.

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