Transition your career

There are specialist programs to help people gain the confidence and skills to help them shift to a new career. That's because such transitions can often involve, relocating, taking a pay cut in the short term and causing considerable disruption to your family and lifestyle.

Often the best approach is to take small actions, even imperfect ones. And with a path forward defined, perhaps with professional support, keep to your commitment to move on by trusting your instincts.

Career Transition Assistance (CTA)

CTA is run by the Australian Government and is for people aged 45 and older to build skills and confidence when applying for jobs.

You register with a jobactive provider and work together to:

  • identifying your goals and aspirations
  • better understand the local job market and the skills needed for those roles
  • gain confidence with using technology to search and apply for jobs

There is also the Skills Checkpoint for older workers. This program assesses the individual skill levels of participants, after which, Checkpoint providers develop a Career Plan to help identify:

  • gaps in their skills if they want to transition to a new career or undertake a new role in their current occupation
  • skills they could develop or enhance to increase their employment prospects when searching for a new role

Open Colleges

Open Colleges is an Australian company providing online and face-to-face training and education services. 

They also assist people looking to change careers with information, support and case studies that cover:

  • Should you change careers?
  • How to start the career change process
  • How to change careers at 30, 40 and 50+
  • Interview with 5 inspirational career changers