Non-official social media usage

Having a social media policy in place for your agency or department will help ensure employees understand their obligations for both official and non-official (or personal) social media usage.


Each NSW Government department should implement and update a whole-of-department social media policy. 

Some NSW Government agencies may have their own policies in addition. 

At a minimum, your social media policy should cover:   

  • acceptable conduct
  • how social media professionals in your department should manage official NSW Government pages (for example, community management expectations and response times) 
  • how department staff can use social media in a professional capacity and as advocates (refer to your agency's code of conduct) 
  • personal use of social media which may breach your agency’s Code of Conduct
  • how suppliers and partners can refer to your agency on social media
  • your agency’s position on influencers
  • recordkeeping and archiving
  • how to protect the personal information and privacy of customers
  • other relevant internal policies.

Your agency may have specific requirements that aren’t covered in this list. We recommend NSW Government departments develop their social media policy with internal experts, including social media, media, legal, and human resources teams.

Case study

For a recent example from an NSW Government agency, please see the Department of Education’s Social Media Policy

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