Provisional P2 licence

On your red Ps and ready to progress to a P2 licence? Here's what you need to do to get your green Ps.

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Getting your P2 licence

Once you've held your P1 licence for at least 12 months, the next step is getting your P2 licence (green Ps).

You'll still have restrictions on your green Ps, but some of those restrictions will be different.

You can either:

Green P plates will be given to you if you are approved for your P2 licence when applying in person.

To apply for your P2 licence

You must:

Once you pay the required fees, you’ll receive a temporary licence to drive with until your new licence card arrives.

Rules for provisional P2 licence

Drivers on their green Ps must obey the NSW Road Rules. There are some other conditions and restrictions that apply as well.

When on your green Ps, you must:

  • display the correct P plates clearly on the outside of the front and back of the vehicle. If you’re towing a trailer, a P plate must be on the back of the trailer
  • ensure everyone in the vehicle is in a seat with a seatbelt or an approved restraint fitted.

You must not:

  • drive over the maximum speed limit of 100km/h
  • have any alcohol in your system when you drive a vehicle
  • supervise a learner driver
  • use any mobile phones, including hands-free devices or loudspeaker, while driving or while your vehicle is stopped but not parked
  • drive a high performance vehicle.

Failure to follow any of these rules is an offence and carries heavy penalties, including loss of licence.

You must comply with these NSW rules even when you are driving interstate or overseas. You should also make yourself aware of any licensing or driving laws that another jurisdiction may apply to you as a visiting novice driver.

Licence offences and consequences

If you receive any demerit point suspension or suspension for a high-risk driving offence while on your P2 licence, you must stay on you licence for an extra 6 months for every suspension you receive.

Any period that your P2 licence is suspended is not counted towards your full licence.

For example, if a P2 licence holder receives a demerit point suspension, they will have to hold their P2 licence for an extra 6 months, as well as the length of the suspension period.

Demerit points

Demerit points apply to P2 drivers. Your licence will be suspended or refused if you reach or exceed 7 demerit points.

Speeding offences

If you commit any speeding offence you’ll receive a minimum of 4 demerit points.

If you're caught by police driving more than 30km/h over the speed limit, they can suspend your licence immediately.

Court disqualification

If you’re disqualified from driving by a court while on your green Ps, your licence will be cancelled immediately and permanently.

If you are disqualified, the time you’ve accumulated on your P2 licence is forfeited. This means that when the disqualification period ends, you’ll have to apply for a new P2 licence and complete the 24 months again, before you can apply for a full licence.

Passenger conditions after disqualification

If your P2 licence is disqualified, you won't be allowed to drive with more than one passenger for 12 months once you regain your licence. This is known as the 'one passenger condition'.

If you are disqualified again while you have a one passenger condition, the condition will apply for another 12 months when you are issued a new P2 licence.

In exceptional circumstances, you may apply for an exemption by:

If an exemption is granted, it will be limited to specific circumstances (such as employment) and may also be limited to certain vehicles.

You must notify Transport for NSW within 14 days if any circumstances change which affect your exemption. This includes if you no longer need the exemption, or if the exemption letter needs to be replaced. A further fee may apply.

What's next after green Ps?

Once you've held your provisional P2 licence for at least 24 months, you can upgrade to a full driver licence. This is only if you haven't been suspended for unsafe driving.

Your P2 licence is valid for 36 months. After this time your licence will expire and you will have to renew it or apply for a full licence.

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