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Find a boat ramp

Search our interactive map to find the location of boat ramps across NSW.

View webcams

Live webcam vision of coastal bars and alpine waters across NSW to help prepare for a safe trip.

Boating maps

Boating maps are a vital tool for negotiating NSW waterways. They include handy hints for safe boating.

Conditions, weather and tides

Before you go boating, check information available on weather forecast and sea conditions. The following resources will help.

Boating on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a beautiful and busy boating destination. Knowing the rules and facilities will help you stay safe and make the most of the harbour.

Waterways and designated areas

Rules and advice for safe boating in different NSW waterways and conditions. Includes open and enclosed waters, restricted zones and mooring.

Navigation and communication

Boating maps and plans, plus info about restrictions, closures, bridge openings and radio services to help you navigate NSW waterways.

Restrictions and closures

Learn about where and when to avoid specific areas on NSW waterways due to restrictions, safety hazards and events.

Protecting the environment

Protecting our waterways is a shared responsibility. Understand the rules and your responsibilities.

Events on NSW waterways

Check upcoming aquatic events, tips for attending, and how to apply for an aquatic events licence.

Safety and rules on NSW waterways

Understand the key rules to keep you and others safe.


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