Becoming part of the school community

The more involved you can be as a parent or carer in your school can have a positive impact on your child’s learning and behaviour as they get used to this new stage of their life.

Possible benefits of teacher and parent collaboration to support a child's learning can include:

  • an eagerness to attend regularly if they were feeling a little reluctant to begin with
  • enhanced social and relationship skills
  • a greater sense of personal wellbeing and security

Ways to get involved

Becoming part of your school’s community can help you connect with other parents and staff. You can participate by:

  • joining social media channels like your school’s Facebook group to find out what’s going on and connect with other parents
  • volunteering for the school canteen, excursions, events or committees
  • contributing to any school council, parent club or local parents and citizens (P&C) group