Rider provisional P2 licence

You can get your P2 rider licence after 12 months on your P1. There are no tests or courses. Just apply online or in person.

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Check your eligibility

Once you've held your provisional P1 rider licence for at least 12 months, you can apply for your P2 rider licence. There are no training courses or tests to complete.

Riders aged 25 or older

If you're 25 or older, you don't need to get a P2 licence. You can apply for a full rider licence straight from your P1 provisional licence, as long as you:

  • have held your P1 licence for 12 months, and
  • have a current Australian unrestricted driver licence.

Find out how to apply for your full rider licence.

Overseas and interstate licence holders

If you have an interstate or overseas rider licence you may be able to convert it to an equivalent NSW rider licence.

Apply for your P2 rider licence

You can apply for your P2 rider licence online or in person at any service centre.

You must apply for your licence in person at a service centre if:

  • your licence conditions require you to have an eyesight test, undergo a medical examination or take a test
  • your licence expired more than 6 months ago
  • you've changed your address in the last 14 days.

How to apply in person

You'll need to bring:

You may also need to pass an eyesight test. Make sure you bring your glasses or contact lenses with you if you wear them when you're riding your motorcycle or scooter.

What happens next?

Your P2 rider licence is valid for 30 months. You'll receive your licence card in the post (usually within 10 working days).

You can also choose to get a digital licence if you download the Service NSW app.

Know the rules before you hit the road with your green Ps

In addition to complying with the NSW road rules, as a provisional P2 rider, you must:

  • only ride motorbikes or scooters that are approved for novice riders
  • wear an approved motorcycle helmet
  • have a zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – this means you cannot drink any alcohol before riding
  • obey the speed limit for the road you're on up to a maximum of 100km/h for P2 riders
  • display a P plate – green P on a white background – on the rear of your motorcycle, with the letter 'P' clearly visible.

You must not:

  • drive any vehicle other than a motorcycle, unless you also have the appropriate licence to drive that vehicle (eg. Class C driver licence for a car)
  • ride under the presence or influence of drugs
  • lane filter
  • use any functions of a mobile phone, hands-free device or loudspeaker while your motorbike is moving or stopped, but still within the line of traffic.

Failure to meet these conditions is an offence and can carry severe penalties, including immediate loss of licence. If you lose your licence for any period, that time won't count towards your progression to a full licence.

Demerit points

Your P2 licence will be suspended or refused if you reach or exceed 7 demerit points in a 3 year period. For details, see demerit points for provisional licence holders.

Speeding offences

All speeding offences accrue at least 4 demerit points. An additional suspension or refusal period will apply for any excessive speed offence (more than 30km/h over the speed limit).

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