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Property tax reform proposal

Proposed changes to the NSW property tax system aim to give people the choice to pay an annual property tax rather than stamp duty and land tax (where applicable). 

Read about the proposed changes to the property tax system.

Help for homeowners or renters during COVID-19

For those that may be experiencing financial difficulties due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), read our guides for either:

First home buyer grant and assistance

Buying or building your first home? The NSW Government offers a grant of $10,000 and assistance with transfer duty for eligible first home buyers or builders.

Emergency housing and homelessness

Find services to help you if you're homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Safety in the home

Tips and information on staying safe at home, including fire safety, pool safety, preventing injuries and falls, and being prepared for emergencies.

Social housing and private rental assistance

Check your eligibility for social housing or private rental assistance and find a housing office near you.

Buying and selling property

What you need to know about buying and selling a home. Calculate your buying costs such as transfer (stamp) duty, and if you are eligible for first home buyers assistance.

Building or renovating a home

Information on building a home, owner-builder permits, renovating your home, first home owners grants, and buying land.

Create an environmentally sustainable home

View the sustainable home guide, tips on reducing household waste, find rebates and savings on energy and utilities, learn how to create green spaces around the home to help the environment.

Renting a place to live

What you need to know about renting a home. Check the latest rental prices in an area, resolve disputes with your agent or landlord, and find private rental assistance and subsidies.

Aged care housing

Find out if you are eligible for an Australian Government home care subsidy to help you continue living in your own home, or information about moving to an aged care home or retirement village.

Aboriginal housing

Find out about Aboriginal Housing Offices homes for Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders.

Wills and deceased estates

If you don’t have a will you will have no say in how your assets are distributed. Courts will decide how your belongings are divided, which can cause delays and costs for loved ones. End of life plans matter.

Electrical safety saves lives

Featured campaign

Every householder in NSW is legally obliged to keep their home safe, including the way electricity is used. Find out more about electrical safety in your home.
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