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Guidance for social media profile pictures, logos and general branding.

The NSW Government brand plays an important role when communicating to our customers. To ensure a consistent experience across social media channels, it’s important the NSW Government brand is used prominently and consistently. 

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Profile pictures

Master Brand

NSW Government social media channels must have the NSW Government waratah logo as the profile picture unless a formal brand exemption under the NSW Government Brand Framework has been granted.

Waratah logo without Government for Facebook profile picture


The NSW Only version of the NSW Government logo, which is a version without the word "Government", must be used for social media profile pictures. Where possible, category tags to indicate that it your profile is a ‘government organisation’ should also be used. Below are examples used on Facebook and Instagram. These rules are applicable across other social media platforms as well. 

To request the logo artwork, visit the NSW Government Brand Toolbox or email:

Examples of what your profile picture should look like

Logos applied to social media examples on Facebook
Examples of what your profile picture should look like on Instagram

Logos in images

The NSW Government logo is not required on social media posts when the profile picture uses the NSW Government logo. However, in instances where it is needed (such as when supplying content to third parties), the recommended minimum size of the NSW Only logo version of the NSW Government logo is 60 pixels high.  

Refer to the NSW Government Brand Toolbox for more information about logo sizing.

Logos in video


The type of branding required for videos depends on where your video is going to be used. 

For campaign advertising, videos must close with the animated Waratah logo. To request a copy of the animated Waratah logo, contact your cluster brand team or the email the NSW Government Brand Team. Refer to the advertising section of the Social Media Guidelines for more information on campaign content branding requirements. 

Videos used on social media organically (both in-feed and disappearing content like stories) don't require the Waratah logo, even when ‘boosted’.

Account name and handle

You should ensure your account name and handle is easily identifiable as a NSW Government agency. Avoid using acronyms in your account name where possible.

Tone of voice

Writing for social media is slightly different from other types of NSW Government communications. There is more room to be playful with words, reference pop culture, use emojis, and have fun with your audience. 

Tone of voice for each page and persona may vary slightly. In general, we recommend that you:

  • write in plain English
  • use copy that is concise (character limits apply on some platforms and posts that are brief generally perform better)
  • use active voice
  • use friendly, encouraging, supportive or emotive language
  • use a combination of first person plural (‘we’ and ‘our’) and second person singular (‘you’)
  • use contractions (‘that’s’, ‘where’d’, ‘you’re’, ‘can’t’)
  • use colloquial expressions (when appropriate and not offensive), and avoid buzzwords and clichés
  • use humour, word play and references to pop culture (where appropriate)
  • apply correct grammar and punctuation
  • use shortened versions of words where appropriate, ensuring that the message can still be widely understood
  • use emojis (sparingly) if appropriate to the message
  • use numbers as opposed to text (for example, use '9' as opposed to 'nine').

Brand exemptions

If your agency has a brand exemption, refer to your agency's branding guidelines for:

  • what logo to use for your profile picture
  • advice on using logos in images and videos on social media.

Compliance with the NSW Government Brand Guidelines

Although social media content must follow the NSW Government Brand Guidelines, there are many ways these guidelines can be applied to create unique and compelling content. You can find on-brand social media content examples in the NSW Government Brand Toolbox

Refer to the creative best practice section for more advice on creating social media images, videos, animations, emojis, captions and copy. 

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