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Service Catalogue 

The service catalogue outlines the support that is offered as part of the OneCX program, to ensure roles and responsibilities are clear between our team and our agency partners.

The services we provide are divided into 3 areas.

During the discovery phase we collect information about the migration and agree on requirements and scope. Activities include a content audit, reviewing current data and analytics, as well auditing skills and training needs.  

Definition and delivery
The definition and delivery phase is where we really work with our agency partners on the build of the pages, such as where information will sit within the global information architecture, testing and change management to help assist agency partners and relevant stakeholders.

Ongoing support/optimisation
Once migration is complete and our agency partners have access to update and create new content, the Customer Experience (CX) team provides ongoing support. The CX team looks after strategy and authoring experience, rolls out features, provides style guides and standards, as well as manages day-to-day website operations.

OneCX Service Catalogue


Discovery assessment
  • Initial website audit of content (supported by data), technical systems and any customer research already conducted by agency
  • Content strategy to be led by agency
Requirements and scoping
  • Agreement on vision and scope
  • Measurement strategy development
  • Co-design User Journey Mapping
  • Search engine optimisation planning
  • Solution architecture review of agency technical requirements
Capability uplift
  • Skills audit and assessment
  • Platform and tools training and upskilling
  • Skills training and upskilling


Definition & Delivery

OneCX build activities
  • User experience, IA and navigation
  • Content design and built in collaboration with agency
  • Front-end and back-end development pending agreement of scope
  • Agile delivery including creation of stories for customer needs
  • Quality Assurance and UAT Testing 
  • SEO content reviews and Technical SEO testing
  • CMS configuration and bespoke integrations pending scope agreement
  • Tool licenses included such as Jira and Confluence
  • Website archiving with State Library
Change management
  • Change and stakeholder management


Ongoing Support / Optimisation

Strategy and framework
  • Digital Strategy - UX, Content, Personalisation, Service Design
  • standards, policies and guidelines
  • Service Design - and external transactions (inc Service NSW) integration
  • Content strategies, policies and governance 
Website operations
  • Website optimisation and iterative delivery
  • Global customer research and insights - research activities and outputs
  • Global user experience, IA and  navigation
  • Global user interface design, including template and components 
  • Management of internal site search
  • Global guidance for search engine optimisation, including voice search and snippets
  • Content coordination, design and production of centralised and shared content
  • Content promotion on centrally managed pages (homepage, landing pages)
  • Policy and platform provision for mapping integration and data visualisation
  • Analytics and reporting platform provision 
  • Workflows and permissions for all platform tools
  • Cyber security 
  • Infrastructure management
  • Global Quality Assurance and testing
  • API integration
  • Forms
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Front-end and back-end development of global features and functionality
  • CMS management and roadmap improvements
  • Performance monitoring & stress testing 
  • Personalisation for high traffic volume landing pages
  • Release management
  • Approved digital partner management (e.g. schemes)


  • Beyond 2023 - Personalisation implementation
  • Beyond 2023 - Content syndication
  • Beyond 2023 - Data management
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