Gig State

The Gig State project is improving internet service, speed and quality across rural and regional NSW.

The NSW Government has committed $100 million for the Gig State project to deliver a metro-level internet service to regional communities and businesses, with improved price, quality of service and speed. This is part of the Government’s Regional Digital Connectivity program.


What is Gig State? 

Gig State is focused on improving internet services in a number of regional locations so that businesses and communities can effectively run and expand their businesses, use cloud-based services, access online teleconferencing programs and education opportunities, work from home and stay in touch with friends and family.

Benefits of this investment will include:

  • Internet access that matches services available in metropolitan areas;
  • More reliable connectivity to boost long-term jobs growth in rural and regional areas;
  • Improved internet offering for speed, quality, and price for regional businesses and residents; and
  • A long-term solution that will help regions grow now, but also meet their needs well into the future.

The Gig State program was initially focused on the target locations of Wagga Wagga, Parkes, Dubbo and a corridor west to Cobar, as well as investigating options for the communities of Wamboin, Bywong and Sutton.


Has Gig State changed? 

The NSW Government has updated the focus of Gig State in response to significant investment from the telecommunications providers and the private market including in initial Gig State locations.

To avoid duplication of infrastructure and ensure value for taxpayers’ money, Gig State funding will be redirected into new priority areas, including:

  • Wireless upgrades for rural and regional communities on satellite internet services;
  • Improving current internet service offerings in remote communities with a small population base and challenging topography; and
  • Pilot of emerging technologies such as low-earth orbit satellites in communities located in hard to service geographic areas.

What will be delivered?

Gig State is delivering improved internet connectivity for the most underserved rural and regional communities in the state. The project will prioritise communities who currently rely on a satellite internet service, where planned service upgrades or alternative internet options are not available.

Gig State will continue to deliver connectivity solutions for  Wamboin, Bywong and Sutton regions as well as along the Cobar corridor, including Nyngan, Trangie, Narromine and Cobar.

Gig State will also continue to support the Parkes Special Activation Precincts to ensure delivery of fast and reliable internet services for investors and businesses.

Next steps 

A ‘Request for Information’ tender process invited submissions from telecommunications providers about their current and planned internet upgrades across regional NSW. The RFI closed on 28 April 2022.

In coming weeks, an open market tender process will seek submissions from telecommunications providers for solutions that improve internet services across a number of priority locations.

For more information about the Gig State project, please contact:

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