Registering a brand new vehicle

When you buy a new vehicle, the dealer can organise the rego forms, arrange CTP insurance and register the vehicle on your behalf. Here's how.

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Organising the paperwork

If you're buying a new car from a dealer, they’ll provide you with the relevant forms and details when you buy the car.

The dealer will ask you to complete an Application for Registration (PDF 374.42KB) form. Once the registration is complete, they'll provide you with a Certificate of Registration and number plates.

Proving your identity

If you hold a current driver licence or have previously had a vehicle registered in your name, the motor dealer can register the vehicle for you.

If you've never had a licence or registration before, you'll need to go to a service centre with your proof of identity and a completed Customer number application organisation (PDF 289.29KB) form. Once you are set up in our system, the dealer will be able to register the vehicle for you. 

CTP insurance

All new vehicles require CTP insurance (or 'greenslip') except for trailers and caravans. In most cases, the motor dealer will organise CTP insurance at the same time as the registration.

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