OneCX program: What we've achieved

Find out about the OneCX program achievements, including milestones, and launches.

Latest migration

Image from the Safety Starts with You campaign

Safety starts with you - Launched on

The campaign focused on raising awareness of workplace risks and encouraging conversation and commitment in NSW workplaces – conversations at work, in the media and on social media. 

2022 Achievements

  • Help Hub launched to support agency partners with frequently asked questions and support requests
  • Single COVID-19 safety plan checklist launched
  • Single Sign On proof of concept delivered

2021 Achievements

  • Customer Satisfaction score survey implemented
  • Pilot of improved translation service combining machine and human translation
  • Improved processes sees a consistent boost in internal search clickthrough rates (was 50%, now over 65%)
  • Monthly website users reaches over 14 million
  • Innovation NSW live on
  • Readspeaker text to speech live on key page templates

2020 Achievements

  • Apolitical Awards finalist in the global "COVID Rapid responders" category
  • 30 December - largest number of webpage visits in a single day, 21.4million
  • Australian Government Digital Awards finalist in the "Excellence in multi-agency partnership" category for COVID-19 on
  • Premier's Award finalist in the the "Putting the Customer at the Centre" category for COVID-19 data, insights, communications and website Hub, to keep our community safe
  • 100K COVID Safe business registrations received online
  • QR codes launch to keep customers COVID Safe by contactless check in
  • Live chat helps NSW citizens, supported by the Service NSW COVID-19 contact centre.
  • COVID-19 heat maps show the postcodes affected by COVID-19
  • COVID Safe Business Registration helps keep businesses and customers safe during COVID-19
  • Customers can now provide feedback on website content through thumbs up (or down) feedback
  • Have Your Say relaunches, centralising our public consultations
  • Department of Customer Service website consolidates into
  • NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages website consolidates into
  • Automatic Translation helps culturally and linguistically diverse communities access critical information in their language
  • COVID-19 section launches, a single online destination for government announcements and advice for NSW citizen and businesses
  • Life journeys find a new home (and URL) on
  • The new is live, with a customer-centric information architecture ready for website consolidation
  • The website upgrades to Google Analytics 360, to prepare for more hits, reduced data processing latency and more custom metrics
  • Public Beta launches for public user feedback
  • Private Beta is available for user testing and stakeholder feedback

2019 Achievements

  • Build begins on minimum viable product
  • Alpha prototype is developed for
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